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I pray for your wedding day... I pray for the most perfect day imaginable; for perfect weather & blue skies. But I also pray for your marriage - that you will remember these days filled with love so that when the sky isn't so blue & life is filled with storms - you will cling to one another & to God, our Father. I pray that He may always lead & direct your marriage so that in 50 years you will be dancing at someone else's wedding, giving them advice on how to love one another & last forever. 

With a romantic, story-telling approach, I will capture everything about your perfect day: the simple things, the important things, the perfect things, the romantic & secret things, - even the tiniest of things - because every little thing about your wedding day is part of your story & deserves to be told. 

It's your day & it's your story.  Tell. Your. {LOVE}. Story.

Portrait Packages Include:

Complimentary Engagement Session

Complimentary 2nd Photographer

8 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

Full Resolution Digital Images

Add A Wedding Film & Receive:

All of the Above Plus -

complimentary engagement film

Additional Hour of Wedding Day Coverage

Wedding Film with Audio of your Vows

A variety of custom wedding
products such as: albums,
storyboards, prints, & wall

portraits are also available.

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