One thing your wedding day can’t live without! | North Florida Wedding Photographer


This can make or break your big day… Will everything be photographed from the smallest detail to the biggest moments? What about your family members – how do you know who will be photographed & when??? Will it take FOREVER to take all of the pictures??? Is it going to be chaotic?

It’s plain & simple. I meticulously plan every minute of your wedding day photography. I schedule when I will be photographing your dress, his tux, the rings & ALLLLLL of your details – plus, you slipping into your gown, he fixing his tie… The first look: if there is one, bridal party portraits, each & every family picture, it’s – all – scheduled.

I follow a tried & true plan that I have created through the years – and I plan ahead (WITH you) who will be photographed in your family. I have contingencies in place incase someone doesn’t arrive on time for their portraits; I pad the schedule to make sure I have extra time if something else interrupts our shooting; I even PLAN to have your portrait time finished EARLIER than I put on paper so you can get to your party as soon as possible!!!  It’s YOUR wedding day… why shouldn’t you be finished with your portraits in a timely manner so you and your guests can enjoy all of your reception together?!

It’s an organized, smoothly-paced timeline that allows your portraits to go as quickly as possible & makes sure we capture it all! In addition, leading up to sending out invitations & deciding on ceremony time, I even tell you when sunset will be on the day of your wedding. Why is that important? Knowing when daylight ends tells me when the last possible daylight photo can be taken. Then I’m able to recommend the best ceremony timeframe so that you have the prettiest light for your wedding & for all of your portraits!

Booking with a professional photographer who will provide you with a well-planned photography timeline is ESSENTIAL!!! Text me today to see if your wedding date is available on my calendar! 904.629.5954 I’ll also be more than happy to send you my Wedding App with all the details about working together on your perfect wedding day! 

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xoxo, Anne