Sarah & Josh - Engagement Film from TRS & Senior Films: Anne McCabe on Vimeo.

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Tell. Your. {LOVE}. Story.

Tell. Your. {LOVE}. Story.

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Want to know a secret? My husband & I eloped. Yes, the wedding photographer eloped... Yes, I skipped the big ceremony & party for a tiny, intimate elopement in Savannah, Georgia - just my hubby & I... but you know what I didn't skip? My wedding portraits. My fave photog, my gorgeous wedding gown, my hubby & I. Why? Long after the cake is gone, the flowers have wilted and the guests have left, memories are all that remain. I wanted my memories to be captured; documented for myself & my husband so that one day our children and their children could look back on our love for one another and really see it. It was important to tell our story.

You have a story, too. It couldn't be more important to document & tell that story. Your LOVE story... That's why I'm here. This is what I do. I tell your story because that's the way it should be.     -Anne


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